Betsy Deeter
IFS Consultation

IFS Consultation





IFS (Internal Family Systems) has been key to my professional and personal life for the past 20+ years.  I continue to provide individual therapy and am also providing IFS based consultation to IFS-interested or trained therapists.

The support I have received from group and individual consultation throughout my career has been invaluable. It has especially been crucial in the deepening of my work as an IFS therapist.  Consulting from an IFS perspective is important for my understanding of my own parts which in turn impacts the work I do with clients.

The IFS community is growing quickly.  I am committed to supporting the community and the integrity of IFS through consultation. I am offering therapists a space to continue their practice, deepen understanding and create connections with other IFS practitioners.

My particular interests are the intersection of IFS with race, gender, culture and communities seeking belonging. I welcome inquiries about individual and group IFS Consultation opportunities.