Betsy Deeter



I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of Tennessee. My specialization and interest lies in providing a supporting environment working with LGBTQ+, race, gender and other social justice issues.

I am currently not accepting new clients on a regular basis and any services are via telehealth.  If we have scheduled an appointment please refer to the info below to take the next step.

Once you have scheduled an appointment please go to Therapy section. If interested, you can look over a bibliography that I have created.

At first appointment:  Please send the paperwork, your insurance card (if applicable) and be prepared to pay your copay or other fee that has been agreed upon.  I have someone who takes care of the billing and files the insurance.

Fees:  $150 initial session/$125 following sessions

Please check with your insurance provider list if you choose to use insurance. My name will be listed as “Elizabeth Deeter”.