Betsy Deeter

Betsy Deeter

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified IFS Therapist, Approved IFS Consultant


4869 Chambliss Avenue, 
Knoxville, TN 37919     865-406-2995

As of October 2021 I am no longer accepting new therapy clients.
I am transitioning my work to that of consultation and training

of therapists in the IFS (Internal Family Systems) model.
As of March 2020 all services are via tele-health.

I have provided individual, group and family psychotherapy for 30 years.  I have worked in both the non-profit world and private practice with people who have experienced racial and gender oppression.  My experience also includes advocating for/with people caught in cycles of poverty and limited access to health care. Much of my work has been with social activists on the “front line” of social change.  Early in my career I was involved in adventure based therapy.

I  enjoy working with people who are facing issues involving  race, gender, culture and belonging. Racial justice, environmental health and LGBTQ+ rights inform my professional and personal life.

My intention is to contribute to healing in the world.  I believe each person has the capacity to resolve internal conflicts. My role is to facilitate and guide each person through their own process. I strive to be totally present with everyone in order to understand how they view their world. I believe that when a person owns their own power that relationships with others and with one’s self are strengthened. My thirty years of experience has taught me the value of each person’s unique experience of the world and I use that in the therapy and consultation process.

My practice is geared toward meeting the unique needs of each person with whom I work. I do not have an agenda, rather I support and guide each person to discover their own strengths so that they may achieve their own potential.

Since 2002 I have been practicing IFS and find it to be a deeply healing and compassionate therapy modality. Currently I am focusing my energy on offering professional IFS Consultation and Training.  The experiences as an IFS therapist and Program Assistant (PA) in IFS Trainings has opened up the opportunity and the deeply held desire to support other professionals in the IFS model and thus continue to be active in change and healing.

When not working I love being with my family, reading, being outdoors gardening, kayaking and hiking with my dog.  I enjoy travel, music, and sunshine.  I am married with 2 adult children. I am a member of a multi-racial family and the LGBTQ+ community. Both of those parts of my identity inspire me to continue to do all I can to promote healing and peace in our world.