Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is beneficial in many ways.  Relaxation and  pain reduction are just a few benefits people discover.  I have been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 15 years.  I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and am in private practice as a psychotherapist.  Although I cannot do psychotherapy with massage clients and vice versa, I believe that my experience in both allows me to have a unique understanding of the connection between body, mind and emotions.  I typically do deep tissue and relaxation type massage.

I welcome clients who are eager to be healthy and seek Massage Therapy as a part of a balanced approach to health.  Please feel free to contact me through email ( or phone (865-406-2995).  Once we are in touch we will schedule an appointment that works best for both of us.

Fees:  $75 hour

Facts about Therapeutic Massage

Physical Benefits

  • wastes removed from the muscles
  • pain is decreased: nerves are soothed
  • cramped ligaments and tendons are stretched
  • circulation is boosted without speeding up heart rate
  • oxygen content of the tissues is increased
  • digestion, circulation, skin quality, tone and sleep are enhanced
  • overall energy increased

Psychological Benefits

  • deep relaxation
  • decreased stress
  • reduces tension and anxiety
  • restores a calm sense of well being
  • improves mental alertness and creative thinking
  • attention to self care in a safe and attentive environment